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Scan with your tablet to

Supercharge Your HVAC Sales

Use 3D scanning on your tablet to get the quickest, easiest load calculation, customized sales materials with 3D models of the home, and installation plans.

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Use unique customer insights to

Win More Deals

Stand out from the competition by using Conduit’s customized insights to give your customers expert knowledge on their home.

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App Demo Floor Plan
Save time on-site to

Connect With Your Customers

Instantly generate personalized 2D floorplans, 3D images, and system estimates, meaning you can spend less admin time and more time talking to your customers.

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The Conduit Tech Platform

Win more new install deals with industry-disrupting software

Save time on load calculations and wow your customers with targeted comfort and sizing insights, 3D models, and detailed project planning.

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Save time on-site

Speed up your sales process with custom 2D floorplans, 3D images, and system estimates on-site, quickly and easily.

Win more jobs, and make more on every job you win

Equip your sales team with a platform that personalizes estimates and materials, to supercharge your sales conversations.

Reduce call backs with accurate load calculations

Leverage plans, load calculations, accurate visuals, and clear property data to save time on installs.

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The Conduit Tech Platform / 3D Room Scanning

Scan homes with your tablet’s LiDAR sensors, auto-generating 3D models

Avoid outdated software for project planning. Conduit Techs's platform automatically builds a 3D rendering of the room as you walk through it.

The Conduit Tech Platform / Custom Inisights

Generate an immediate, accurate load calculation and blueprints to plan your install

Demonstrate your expertise using Conduit's customized home insights.

Building Estimates
The Conduit Tech Platform / Building Estimates

Build and deliver beautiful, customized estimates on-site

Build accurate proposals in 15 minutes, with real-time home insights. Focus on your customers - let us do the rest.

What customers are saying

“Anything that takes me less than four hours is a win”
— Dan
“I can scan 3400 square feet in five minutes—this platform rapidly shorted my time on site!”
— Addans, Mini King HVAC
“I’m in love with this program.”
— Nick

Grow Your HVAC Business

Supercharge your HVAC Sales

Use Conduit Tech's future-forward tech to boost your business. Streamline your workflow and inscrease your revenue. Demo Conduit Tech's platform and explore the possibilites.

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Stand out from your competition and close more deals.

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